Can A Tongue Ring Make A Good Gift?

My 19 year-old niece is in her sophomore year of school. For as far back as couple of years I’ve battled with choosing birthday and Christmas presents for her because of the ungainliness of her age. She’s not yet a grown-up (at any rate in my eyes; she doesn’t pay for any of her own consumables) and not by any means a kid (albeit frequently her state of mind and practices recommend that she was as yet the 12 year-old I recollect. I perceive this is a troublesome time for her and I believe it’s critical that she get blessings that impart I perceive her singularity. Would tongue rings make a decent blessing?

Regrettably, she got her tongue pierced a couple of years back. Likewise her nose, however I stray. I don’t comprehend the fascination she has with tongue rings, and that shouldn’t be composed off as being fixing to my age. I might be about 40, however I appreciate various exercises normally considered as “youthful.” At any rate, she penetrated her tongue and now brandishes two or three tongue rings. I would prefer not to excuse her choice, yet since the harm is as of now done I thought about whether I should look toward that path for her next blessing.